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We print hard case books, soft cover books and specialty books. With our expertise in printing and design, we produce the best quality books for publishers around the world.

Our printing plant at Taloja specializes in printing books.

Hard case books

  • hrd-book1.jpg
  • hrd-book2.jpg
  • hrd-book3.jpg
  • hrd-book4.jpg
  • hrd-book5.jpg
  • hrd-book6.jpg
  • hrd-book7.jpg
  • hrd-book8.jpg
  • hrd-book9.jpg
  • hrd-book10.jpg
  • hrd-book11.jpg
  • hrd-book12.jpg
  • hrd-book13.jpg
  • hrd-book14.jpg
  • hrd-book15.jpg
  • hrd-book16.jpg
  • Maharana.jpg
  • Mappin.jpg
  • Springer.jpg

Soft cover books

  • soft-3.jpg
  • CCatheterization & Cardio Cover.jpg
  • Ny i Norge Tekstbok (REVISJON) (9788211014955) OMSLAG_HI_spine 16 mm.jpg
  • Diesel On The Western COVER.jpg
  • soft-1.jpg
  • Basava.jpg
  • Jellyfish.jpg
  • MEd tusen_omsl_korr_15-04-2009.jpg
  • Scholastic-lego.jpg
  • LEGO.jpg
  • Kosmos 9 Book Cover.jpg
  • First Press Front 2.jpg
  • RB.jpg
  • Ny i Norge Arbeidsbok  Spine 16mm With Grid Mark.jpg
  • I am A Vidya Cover.jpg
  • 943-13 Corner Office Cover.jpg
  • Book of Tea.jpg
  • OSHO.jpg
  • First Press Cover 1.jpg
  • What Do Women Cover.jpg

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  • Numerous awards at the National Awards 2013, for excellence in printing
  • PrintWeek Innovative Printer of the Year Award 2013



An ISO 9001:2015 certified company

FSC® SGS-COC-010278 Forest Stewardship Council® Chain of Custody certified