• Parksons wins 3 awards at Printweek Awards 2013

    Posted: Oct 3, 2013

    awards at Printweek Awards 2012

    Parksons Graphics beat the competition in another close call, as they bagged the Business Magazine Printer of the Year Award. The judges were impressed by the quality of the competition. Parksons Graphics in the end won, thanks to their commitment to perfection and innovation. The judges felt that the Parksons Graphics’ entries embodied the essentials of a great business magazine and set high standards of print and finishing.

    The winning entries included Verve, Forbes Life India, Box Office (anniversary issue) and The Leela magazines. The samples were printed on a four-colour Heidelberg CD74 or a four-colour Heildelberg CD102 or a combination of both these offset printing presses. A wide range of substrates like 300gsm APP Art card, 130gsm APP Gloss Art paper, 300gsm Sinar art board, 210gsm Sinar art card, 2.5mm Kappa board, 100gsm Sinar art paper and 100gsm Sunshine Super printing paper were used to produce these highly niche magazines which are aimed at a specific profession or trade.

    Box Office’s anniversary issue received special praises for its use of information technology to enhance the product. Recorded chips were used with fabricational capabilities to play short videos on opening of the magazine. Apart from the innovation factor, the judges also liked the way a wide variety of post-press processes made the samples more attractive.

    Parksons Graphics, also had a winner in the ACK Media’s Trolly Bag. Parksons, which promotes itself as a solution provider, says, “It’s our duty to understand the pain areas of our clients, and during one of our visit to ACK Media, we stumbled on a problem of theirs.”

    According to Parksons, ACK Media wanted to market around 300 titles of their Indian classic titles, mythology, bravehearts, visionary, fables, etc together. They also wanted to add 10 hard case books of comics into this pack. The challenge was: how to pack these and display it in their book stalls?

    Parksons fabricated a box using four-ply double wall heavy duty corrugated, 300gsm three-M-duplex board, and printed the titles with illustrations (in four-colour) on the outer side of the box, with its Heidelberg XL 105. All the titles were placed in the box. Since the box was around 45kgs, four castor wheels were fitted to the box to make it mobile. The fabrication of box makes it a multi-purpose items. The lid of the box has been created in such a way that it can be pulled out and used as a handle for the trolley. The box can also be used as a chair and a table to write. “This is not only a solution but a marketing triumph,” says Parksons, because ACK Media could sell a large number of its titles to NRIs.