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Pre Press

Our pre press uses the latest software and hardware technologies available to offer high quality services with quick turnarounds. Our processes ensure an error free workflow, often working as a safety net for our clients.

Flow Chart

We work on Kodak's Prinergy Workflow, across all our units. We offer a web based solution for file submission, pre flighting and approval, that links with our Prinergy system.

Our entire workflow is colour managed, ensuring a consistent result everytime. The Kongsberg sample maker allows us to build and perfect dummy quickly.

We also offer archival services, allowing clients to store files with us for extended periods of time, and facilitating fast retrievals and reprints.

Key pre press equipment

Software Latest Adobe, Corel and Quark software running on Windows and Mac platforms
Workflow Kodak Prinergy (RIP, Imposition, Archival)
CTP Creo 8up Trendsetter800II
Workflow Kodak Prinergy (RIP, Imposition, Archival)
Proofing Epson 9700 large format proofer
Epson 7880 large format proofer
Epson 9660 large format proofer
Lightbox Xrite


  • Numerous awards at the National Awards 2013, for excellence in printing
  • PrintWeek Innovative Printer of the Year Award 2013



An ISO 9001:2015 certified company

FSC® SGS-COC-010278 Forest Stewardship Council® Chain of Custody certified