Pre press equipment

Software Latest Adobe, Corel and Quark software running on Windows and Mac platforms
Workflow Kodak Prinergy (RIP, Imposition, Archival)
CTP Creo 8up Trendsetter800II
Workflow Kodak Prinergy (RIP, Imposition, Archival)
Proofing Epson large format proofers
Lightbox Xrite

Post press equipment


Lamination 5 machines for Gloss, Matt BOPP and Metallized PET films
UV/Aqueous coating 3 machines for Gloss, matt, silky matt, water & UV based
Spot UV 1 Sakurai for spot application of gloss, matt, raised and textured UV finishes
Hot foiling 2 foiling machines in various sizes
Die cutting 4 die cutting machines in various sizes
Creasing 1 creasing machine from Morgana


Saddle stitching 1 automatic programmable stiching line with 3 knife trimming and 6 form gathering machine from Muller Martini
3 semi-automatic pinning machines
Section sewing 3 Aster Astronic sewing machines
Folding 4 Stahl Folders
Gathering 1 Kolbus 16 station gathering machine
Cutting 5 fully programmable cutting machines from Perfecta
Wiro O 1 Automatic wire-O sealing machine from Renz, and 4 Semi automatic machines
3 Knife Trimmer 1 Programmable trimming machine from Kolbus
Case making 1 Hard case making machine from Kolbus
Casing in 1 Casing in machine
Perfect binder 1 automatic perfect binding machine from Kolbus 24
2 perfect binding machines from Welbound

Quality Control

Platereaders Xrite plate readers are available on the CTPs to measure and verify plate quality
Spectrodensitometers Automatic Spectrodensitometers from Xrite are available on all presses and measure the colour bar on press sheets to check consistency.
Temperature and humidity Sensitive equipment is kept in temperature and humidity controlled areas, with calibrated instruments to monitor the measurements
Spectrophotometers Xrite Spectrophotometers are used on all press to measure spot colours
Barcode checkers Prepress, press and finishing departments use barcode checkers to verify barcodes for tags and labels.

Sheet fed equipment

Machine Colours Size
Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 105 4 colour with coater 29” x 41”
Heidelberg Speedmaster CS 92 4 colour 25” x 37”
Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 72V 5 colour 20” x 28”
Heidelberg Speedmaster CD 102 5 colour 28” x 40”
Heidelberg Speedmaster CD 74 5 colour with coater 20” x 29”
Digital printing HP Indigo 5600 5 colour 20” x 29”
Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 74 2 colour 20” x 29”
Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 74 2 colour 20” x 29”

Web offset equipment

Machine Cut off Reel width
Orient 4HI TOWER COLD SET 22.75” (578 mm) 36”


  • Numerous awards at the National Awards 2013, for excellence in printing
  • PrintWeek Innovative Printer of the Year Award 2013



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